10 Ways To Take Action From Home

In addition to service and volunteering opportunities, you can take meaningful climate action right at home.

As California Climate Action Corps gathers momentum, we want to identify and share opportunities to take action, highlight your climate stories, and celebrate the amazing work we’re all doing together.

But you don’t have to wait. There is plenty you can do right now. Below is a list of simple steps you can do that make a huge difference.  So be a part of the solution and take action now to reduce your carbon footprint!

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Trees provide crucial shade, pollution protection, and groundwater benefits. It’s no surprise then, that many local governments, such as in the city and county of Los Angeles and Sacramento, give away free trees or offer planting services.

Don’t throw it away! By donating unused food, you’re helping feed people and reduce landfill emissions. Visit this site to find a list of food rescue organizations near you.

ReFED estimates 63 million tons of food waste ends up in landfills annually, generating potent greenhouse gas. Follow these steps from CalRecycle on how you can compost your food waste from home.

Taking measures to harden your home and create defensible space around it significantly helps increase your home’s chance of survival when wildfire strikes.

This simple CPUC home energy audit site can show how much energy your home consumes and offers tips on changes to improve its efficiency.

Use CARB’s online tool to calculate and track your carbon footprint. What changes can you make to reduce your total footprint?

Setting your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees from its normal setting in warmer and cooler months, you’ll save money and reduce your pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. This can reduce your heating and cooling emissions by 10%, saving money every year.

From 4 to 9 PM, energy demand is high, and fewer clean energy sources are available. By unplugging idle electronic devices during these hours, you’re using less polluting energy sources.

Energy Upgrade California provides you a variety of ways to save energy and water. Your utility and municipality may also provide rebates and other resources to help you take action.

LED light bulbs can last 25 times longer, while using 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. That adds up to more than $100 in savings for most families each year.

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For me, service is about uplifting the voices and experiences of historically marginalized communities and collaborating with these communities to tackle systemic inequities in a way that creates sustainable and long-term change.

Krystle Yu

Koreatown Youth and Community Center, Los Angeles