AmeriCorps California

Make a difference where the need is greatest. Join AmeriCorps California, where members strengthen communities and develop skills to become civic-minded, compassionate leaders through service.

We can all help our communities safely with COVID-19

During these difficult times, Californians come together to help each other. You can start by joining the movement here:

Operation Feed California

In California, climate change is a threat to systems and people across the state. Climate change is an existential crisis. Each of us has a role to play. You can take meaningful action today to help communities across our state.

Start your journey!

As the largest AmeriCorps State service program, there are nearly 7,000 opportunities to serve and access up to $10,000 in education awards. AmeriCorps members make an impact by focusing on key areas:

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship



Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures

Resource Access

Resource Access

Disaster Services

Disaster Services

Veterans & Military Families

Food Security

Benefits of joining AmeriCorps California

Grow Personally and Professionally

Learn, grow and earn money while serving within community. AmeriCorps California offers an opportunity to build your skills, prepare yourself for your next career move in fellowship with others.

Money for College and Trade School

Individuals who complete a term of service in an AmeriCorps California program may earn up to $10,000 for college and trade school. The California For All and Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards are offered to individuals who complete a term of service and can be used to pay for a range of educational expenses, like repaying qualified student loans or future tuition payments. You can earn up to two full Education Awards with multiple service terms.

Living Allowance

Receive living stipend payments. Stipend amounts will look different depending on where you choose to serve.

About AmeriCorps California

Nationally, there are approximately 64,000 AmeriCorps State and National members serving a year. California Volunteers has the largest AmeriCorps State program. As an AmeriCorps member serving in California, you will be part of a network of nearly 7,000 members providing intensive service at AmeriCorps programs in over 1,000 locations, including schools, nonprofits, public agencies, and community centers across the state.

Partner Resources

California Volunteers is the state service commission for the State of California and leverages over $150 million in public and private funding to support local AmeriCorps programs.

We’ll help you successfully operate an AmeriCorps program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to serve?

Most programs look for people with a passion for service and do not require specific skills. Some programs list desired skills or look for applicants with specific education, volunteer, or job experience.

What are the requirements to serve?
  • Must be 18+ years of age (or minimum of 17 and working toward a high school diploma).
  • Must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national or lawful permanent resident.
  • Must participate in a national criminal history background check.

In addition to the points above, our partners are looking for people with a passion for service. Other education, volunteer, or job experience requirements and preferences vary between programs. Look through opportunities to serve for details.

Do I Get Paid?

Members receive biweekly or monthly living stipends. Stipend amounts will look different depending on where you choose to serve.

Will I Get Training Before I Start?

Yes, all members receive training at the beginning of their service, as well as project-specific training during service.

Can I Defer Student Loans During My Service With AmeriCorps?

Members may qualify for postponement, or forbearance, of the repayment of their loans during service. The education award will help you pay off qualified student loans when you’re finished. You may also qualify to have the interest accrued on your student loans during service paid for by the National Service Trust. Contact your lender for more specific information or to confirm your loan status during AmeriCorps service. For more information, please visit our Education Award page.

How Long Are The Assignments, And Are They All Full-Time?

The time commitment varies depending on the needs of the program. Generally, the service commitment can be from three months, e.g., a summer program, up to one year. Many terms of service are full-time, but there are also part-time service opportunities available.

Can you explain the different type of AmeriCorps programs?

AmeriCorps State and National: AmeriCorps State and National supports a broad range of local service programs that engage thousands of Americans in intensive service to meet critical community needs. Learn more about AmeriCorps State and National

AmeriCorps VISTA: AmeriCorps VISTA provides full-time members to community organizations and public agencies to create and expand programs that build capacity and ultimately bring low-income individuals and communities out of poverty. Learn more about AmeriCorps VISTA

AmeriCorps NCCC: The AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps is a full-time residential program for men and women, ages 18-24, that strengthens communities while developing leaders through direct, team-based national and community service. Learn more about AmeriCorps NCCC

Can I Serve If I'm Not A U.S. Citizen?

For AmeriCorps State and National and AmeriCorps NCCC you must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or legal permanent resident alien of the United States to be an AmeriCorps member. For AmeriCorps VISTA, you must have one of the following citizenship statuses: U.S. Citizens, U.S. Nationals, Lawful Permanent Resident Aliens, or persons legally residing in a state that have the following legal residency classifications: refugee, asylum or asylee, temporary protected status or deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) status. By law, only VISTA members who are either U.S. Citizens, U.S. Nationals, or Lawful Permanent Resident Aliens—sometimes referred to as “Lawful Permanent Residents”—are eligible to receive an AmeriCorps Segal Education Award. All other members will receive an end of service cash stipend.

Is AmeriCorps Like Peace Corps?

Yes. AmeriCorps is often referred to as “the domestic Peace Corps.” Both agencies are committed to service, and both offer challenging and rewarding full-time opportunities. Peace Corps assignments are all overseas, and AmeriCorps members serve only in the US. While Peace Corps Volunteers serve for two years, a stint in AmeriCorps usually lasts 10 months to one year. (Some AmeriCorps projects also offer part-time opportunities, and some AmeriCorps members serve more than one term of service.)