Alumni NetworkThe California Volunteers Alumni Network serves as a resource for you to generate meaningful connections, grow professionally, and strengthen California’s dedication to service.

We can all help our communities safely with COVID-19

During these difficult times, Californians come together to help each other. You can start by joining the movement here:

Operation Feed California

In California, climate change is a threat to systems and people across the state. Climate change is an existential crisis. Each of us has a role to play. You can take meaningful action today to help communities across our state.

Benefits of the Alumni Network​

The Alumni Network is open to all program alumni (#CaliforniansForAll College Corps, California Climate Action Corps, #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps, and AmeriCorps California). Alumni have access to a variety of resources and opportunities including:​

Networking and career development opportunities​

Networking and career development opportunities​

Leadership and speaking opportunities

Leadership and speaking opportunities​

Updates and stories ​ on your program​

Updates and stories ​on your program​

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Join Us on LinkedIn​

As an alum, you earn lifetime access to your program’s LinkedIn group where you can connect with other alumni, learn about relevant job opportunities, and access exclusive opportunities for continued engagement.​

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Share Your Story

Share your achievements and help us recruit the emerging service leaders of tomorrow by submitting photos, videos, and stories on your service experience.​

Hire California Volunteers Alumni​

California Volunteers programs position emerging leaders to have a direct impact in their communities, including K–12 education, climate, economic opportunity, and disaster services. Alumni gain essential job skills through a rigorous service program, ranging from a summer opportunity to a more in-depth experience for one year.​

Connect with us to find out how you can recruit our service alumni to your organization.​

The Alumni Network and resources are open to all who complete one of the following California Volunteers service programs — California Climate Action Corps, #CaliforniansForAll College Corps, #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps, and AmeriCorps California.​