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May 2, 2022
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Katie Vavao, (530) 306-0816

California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday Joins Local College and University Officials to Kick Off #CaliforniansForAll College Corps  Recruitment in Merced

New service initiative helps low-income students graduate college on time and with less debt

Merced, Calif. – Today, California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday joined campus officials from the University of California, Merced, California State University Stanislaus, and California State University Fresno to encourage students to apply for the #CaliforniansForAll College Corps Program. This program will give students a new opportunity to serve their communities in critical issue areas such as climate action, education, and food insecurity.

Students will strengthen their futures by receiving $10,000 for completing a year of service performing valuable work in their communities. This program will unite young Californians of all backgrounds in service and will create opportunities for AB 540 CA Dream Act Students to serve their communities.

Over the next two years, College Corps will engage 6,500 California undergraduates in service making the program about the size of the Peace Corps. Funding was made possible by the efforts of Governor Gavin Newsom and lawmakers who believe this service and career development program will help build a diverse class of leaders set to transform California for the better.

Applications opened April 1, 2022. Students can learn more and apply by visiting:

“Students are graduating with crippling debt. This service and career development program helps create a debt-free college pathway while promoting service. If you are willing to serve your community and give back in a meaningful way, we are going to help you pay for college. This is a win-win-win: Helping to pay for college, gaining valuable work experience, and having a meaningful impact on your community,” said California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday.

Juan Sánchez Muñoz, UC Merced Chancellor:

“The College Corps initiative is not only an important way for California to show that it values the efforts of our students, but also another significant advancement in helping more students complete college without financial stressors that can follow them into their early careers. I applaud Governor Newsom and his staff in advancing this program.”

Ellen Junn, Stanislaus State President:

“Stanislaus State is honored to be one of the California campuses chosen to participate in #CaliforniansForAll College Corps, and we encourage students to apply for this fantastic fellowship. This program gives students a chance to engage in impactful opportunities that will help them build leadership skills, gain hands-on experience and work with their communities — all while earning $10,000, which will help students graduate with less debt.”

Chris Fiorentino, Fresno State Director of the Jan & Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning:

“While Fresno State students provide over 1 million hours of service each year, there are many more who can benefit from service opportunities that advance their academic, professional, and personal development. The #CaliforniansForAll College Corps program will engage 120 additional students each year in over 54,000 hours of service that meaningfully addresses urgent K-12 education, climate, and food insecurity issues. We are thrilled to be a part of this historic initiative.”

Charles Nies, UC Merced Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and the Vice Chair of the California Student Aid Commission:

“The #CaliforniansForAll College Corps is aligned with shared values around college affordability. It also provides our scholars with opportunities to discover how their talents and passions provide service, while in concert with our community partners we meet community needs. It is truly a win on many levels.”

Minh Tuyet Nguyen, AmeriCorps Fellow and tutor at Fremont Elementary in Merced, CA:

“Through my service as an AmeriCorps Public Service Fellow this year, I discovered that I want to become a teacher. I found myself looking forward to coming into the classroom more than for my own academics. This experience at UC Merced has allowed me to explore potential career paths by gaining hands-on experience.”





Led by California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday, California Volunteers, Office of the Governor empowers Californians to take action to improve their communities. #CaliforniansForAll is a California Volunteers service initiative launched in response to COVID-19 to establish a volunteer corps to support the state’s response to emergencies and disasters.