California Volunteers College Corps for Partner Campuses

Partner Campuses

The following group of colleges and universities are partnering with us in implementing College Corps on their campuses:

Through a competitive application process, these institutions demonstrated:

  • A commitment from top leadership to prioritize this as a campus-wide initiative.
  • A strategy to collaborate with other participating campuses in their region.
  • A thoughtful plan to link the service experience to academic outcomes, ensuring on-time degree completion.
  • A compelling recruitment strategy with a particular focus on low income students and AB-540 CA Dream Act Students.

Each of these partner campuses will have the following responsibilities:

  • Recruit, select and support College Corps Fellows on their campus.
  • Recruit, select and support a group of community host organizations for their students.
  • Cultivate a meaningful cohort experience for College Corps Fellows on their campus.
  • Participate in regular opportunities for networking and peer learning with other College Corps partner campuses across the state.

California Volunteers will support the partner campuses by:

  • Conducting a statewide campaign to raise the visibility of the College Corps;
  • Connecting campuses with potential community host partners in their region;
  • Cultivating an esprit de corps for participating students from across the state;
  • Engaging research partners to support campuses with data collection and evaluation.

Regional Collaboration

Colleges and universities from every region across the state are participating. College Corps is encouraging intersegmental collaboration at the regional level in order to:

  • Coordinate Fellow placements with community host organizations in the region.
  • Bring together students from different institutions to build a regional esprit de corps. 
  • Promote peer learning and exchange across the partner campuses.

Campus Interest Form

The application and selection process for #CaliforniansForAll College Corps partner campuses is closed. Currently, we are not adding additional partner campuses. If this changes, any new funding opportunities will be posted on the Grants and Funding section of the California Volunteers website. If you would like to be added to our distribution list for any future College Corps funding opportunities, please fill out this brief form.