CaliforniansForAll College Service Fellowship

We can all help our communities safely with COVID-19

During these difficult times, Californians come together to help each other. You can start by joining the movement here:

Operation Feed California

In California, climate change is a threat to systems and people across the state. Climate change is an existential crisis. Each of us has a role to play. You can take meaningful action today to help communities across our state.

The 2021-22 Governor’s California Comeback Plan included $146 million for the #CaliforniansForAll College Fellowship to be launched in partnership with California colleges and universities.

Modeled after the pilot Civic Action program, the #CaliforniansForAll College Fellowship will engage undergraduates across the state in solving problems in their communities, while learning key skills that will advance their own academic and career success.

This initiative has three core goals:  

Goal 1

Engage college students in meaningful service opportunities that build leadership skills and civic responsibility.

Goal 2

Help students from diverse backgrounds graduate college on time and with less debt.

Goal 3

Support the work of community-based organizations focused on key local priorities.

This Fellowship will provide up to 6,500 college students with opportunities to support and learn from organizations working in three priority areas: K-12 Education, Climate Action and Food Insecurity.

To ensure the opportunity is accessible to all, Fellows will receive a stipend of $7,000 and – in partnership with AmeriCorps – an Education Award of $3,000.

California Colleges and Universities

Through a competitive application process, California Volunteers will select a group of colleges and universities to implement the College Fellowship on their campuses.

All accredited public or private colleges and universities in California are eligible to apply. The Request for Applications is available here.

This is an incredible opportunity for higher education institutions to support and engage their students through connecting academic study to hands-on work experience that makes a positive impact. Participating colleges and universities will also have the opportunity to deepen their partnerships and engagement in the local community. 

Each partner campus will have the following responsibilities:

  • Recruit, select and support the Fellows on their campus.
  • Recruit, select and support all community host organizations.
  • Cultivate a meaningful cohort experience for Fellows on their campus.
  • Collaborate with California Volunteers on the cohort experience and program evaluation.
  • Participate in regular opportunities for networking and peer learning.

To be selected, colleges and universities that apply will need to demonstrate:

  • A commitment from top leadership to prioritize this as a campus-wide initiative.
  • A strategy to proactively collaborate with other participating campuses in their region.
  • A thoughtful plan to link the service experience to student learning and academic outcomes, ensuring on-time degree completion for participating students.
  • A compelling recruitment strategy with a particular focus on low income students and Dreamers.

California Volunteers will support the group of college and university partners by:

  • Conducting a statewide campaign to raise the visibility of the College Fellowship;
  • Connecting campuses with potential community host partners in their region;
  • Cultivating an esprit de corps for participating students from across the state;
  • Engaging research partners to support campuses with data collection and evaluation.

Updates for Applicants

Virtual Q&A sessions for applicants are scheduled for November 16, November 18, November 30 and December 9.

Please find links to the recordings of the first two Q&A sessions here:
College Fellowship Program Q&A Rd.1
College Fellowship Program Q&A Rd.2
College Fellowship Program Q&A Rd.3

Register for a Q&A Zoom session with California Volunteers staff. Please only join the Q&A session if you plan to apply.
December 9 Q&A (Register)

The FAQ document for the College Fellowship was updated on November 22, 2021, and the most recent version is here.

Applicants may also submit questions about the RFA in writing by November 30, 2021 to

College Fellowship Timeline

RFA released to colleges and universitiesNovember 9, 2021
Notice of intent to apply November 18, 2021
Application deadline for RFA December 15, 2021
Final selection of college and university partners January 14, 2022
Planning and Program Development Phase for college and university partners January 2022 – July 2022
Cohort 1 Service Year (Implementation) August 2022 - July 2023
Cohort 2 Service Year (Implementation) August 2023 - June 2024

California College Students

AB 540 Dreamers are Eligible

The initiative will unite young Californians of all backgrounds in a common purpose, and specifically creates opportunities for AB 540 eligible Dreamers to participate.

We are excited to invite students across the state to consider making community service a core part of their college experience and preparation for future careers. 

Undergraduate students at any partner campus of the CaliforniansForAll College Fellowship will be eligible to apply. Each college or university partner will lead their own process for recruiting and selecting students in the Spring of 2022. Interested students should stay tuned for more information later this year on which colleges and universities will be joining the Fellowship.

Students who complete the College Fellowship will receive the following benefits:

  • $7,000 stipend for 450 hours of service, plus a $3,000 Education Award;
  • Academic credit (amount and type to be determined by each partner campus); 
  • A real-world job experience and skills to add to their resume;
  • Access to training, networking, and professional development opportunities; 
  • A sense of pride and accomplishment in working toward a common purpose alongside young leaders from across the state.