College Corps Central

Welcome to the College Corps Central. Here you will find all  guidance documents, tools, and resources developed by California Volunteers to support your College Corps program. We have organized all files on Box to fit within these nine categories. This page is focused on relevant content for Cohort Two. You can find resources related to Cohort One through their original Box links. Please reach out to your Program Specialist with any questions.  

Program Management

Tools, guidance documents, and best practices for the implementation and management of your program.

Fellow Onboarding & Support

Templates and resources to support your Fellows throughout their service term.

Community Host Partner Management

Resources to support campuses in selecting, onboarding and managing community host partners.

Marketing & Marketing

Materials to support College Corps, communications and branding.

Fellow Recruitment

Resources to aid in recruitment and selection of Fellows.

Statewide Cohort Experience

Information and materials related to the statewide programming for your Fellows, including Fellow Ambassador Program and Mid-Year Leadership Workshops.

Grant Management

Fiscal and budgetary templates and guidance documents to help you effectively manage your program.

Data Collection and Monitoring

Tools to support reporting, sharing your program impact, and California Volunteers’ monitoring plan.

CV Support and Training

A library of resources and training videos previously presented by California Volunteers.


September 15, 2023 Notice

Welcome to College Corps Central! This site contains all the resources we created to support you in running a successful program. These resources are also accessible through Box.