Connecting Californians Through Service

Deadline: Applications due May 6, 2022State Entity Name: California Volunteers
Funding Opportunity Title: Connecting Californians Through Service
Announcement Type: Initial Announcement
State Funds: General Fund: 0650-102-001

Grant Description

California Volunteers is excited to launch Connecting Californians through Service , a Governor’s Initiative, with a $750,000 state grant to a California higher education institution for the following scope of work: 1) Develop Building Connection Training Curriculum; 2) Deliver Building Connection Curriculum Training; 3) Create Building Connection Evaluation Tool; and 4) Conduct Evaluation. Through this demonstration project, California Volunteers aims to demonstrate the impact service has on building social cohesion to increase connection and community while reducing polarization, division, and othering. It is California Volunteer’s intent that the tool and resources created and insights gained from this demonstration project will grow national service in California in an impactful way, while ensuring that building connection among members and the communities they serve is an intentional program design element of every AmeriCorps programs.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants must be a higher education institution in California. For-profit private higher education institutions are not eligible for this opportunity.

Application Deadline

An optional Notice of intent to apply is due by April 29, 2022;

Applications must be received by California Volunteers via email at by 5:00 P.M., PDT, May 6, 2022.

Application Documents

The following documents are required to complete the Connecting Californians through Service Grant Application: