Global Climate Action Summit Volunteer Appreciation

Fall  2018 Edition

Governor Jerry Brown visiting with volunteers at the Global Climate Action Summit.

On behalf of Governor Jerry Brown and California Volunteers, we want to say thank you to all of the volunteers who supported the Global Climate Action Summit. In total we had around 400 volunteers from all sectors and backgrounds represented, including 9 corporations and 19 universities. In fact, our volunteer team consisted of individuals who represented:

  • 9 different primary corporations including Wells Fargo, Salesforce, Intel, Levi’s, Microsoft, LinkedIn, United, and Denton’s Law Firm
  • 1 faith-based group, Aga Khan Council
  • 19 universities and dozens of state and public agencies
  • Communities from all over the state and world-as a collective our volunteer team spoke over 23 different languages

Over 5 days this group of volunteers handled a multitude of positions and situations ranging from greeting delegates at the door, ushering VIP attendees, running the help desk, checking in the media, and much more. Our team of the ‘yellow jacket crew’, as they were lovingly named by attendees, impacted the experience of everyone who was a part of the GCAS. CV is truly honored and privileged to get to know and work with every single one of them, and we look forward to working with them again.