Disaster Volunteer Management

Engaging Californians in service before, during, and after disasters.

We can all help our communities safely with COVID-19

During these difficult times, Californians come together to help each other. You can start by joining the movement here:

Operation Feed California

In California, climate change is a threat to systems and people across the state. Climate change is an existential crisis. Each of us has a role to play. You can take meaningful action today to help communities across our state.

The impacts to our environment and communities are worsening as climate change contributes to longer and more frequent droughts, devastating wildfires, and other disasters. However, we are not powerless when it comes to disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. There are opportunities for everyone to make an impact, whether you have an hour to give or a full year.

California Volunteers’ Role during Disasters

California Volunteers serves as the main point of contact for volunteer coordination at the state level before, during, and after disasters.

Lead the state on volunteer management

Serve as the main point of contact for volunteer management at the state level.

Regional and nonprofit coordination

Coordinate with state partners, volunteer organizations, operational areas, and local governments to evaluate volunteer needs, and identify and find resources.

Deploy AmeriCorps Disaster Teams

Deploy AmeriCorps teams to serve communities before, during, and after a disaster.

Disaster Volunteer Service and Partnership Opportunities

Sign up now to learn more about year-long, paid opportunities to help during disasters, after disasters, and in preparation and prevention of disasters. Even if you can’t commit to a full year of service, join #CaliforniansForAll and volunteer in your community.  In the event of a disaster, those who have signed up will receive volunteer and donation opportunity information.

AmeriCorps California logo

California Emergency Response Corps — Paid Opportunity

This statewide AmeriCorps team, co-managed by Bay Area Community Resources, participates in disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. Members can be deployed to a disaster by California Volunteers for a few days or weeks to support disaster response and recovery.

AmeriCorps California logo

California AmeriCorps Disaster Team — Paid Opportunity

The California AmeriCorps Disaster Team, co-managed by the American Red Cross, focuses on the areas of community preparedness education, disaster response and volunteer management. Members can be deployed to a disaster by California Volunteers for a few days or weeks to support disaster response and recovery.

#CaliforniansForAll — Volunteer Opportunity

Thousands have signed up to serve their communities in time of need and can be contacted for help during a disaster. Won’t you join them?

Partner Organization Opportunity

We actively build partnerships with local government for volunteer management. We also work with community-based organizations that recruit, train, and mobilize volunteers so we can all be part of a coordinated disaster response effort. Let us know if your organization would like to partner with us.

Email DisasterServices@cv.ca.gov