Homelessness is a national crisis, which demands all levels of government do more to address this emergency. California is making historic investments to combat homelessness and address its causes. We are challenging the public and private sectors to join in a comprehensive response. All Californians can help bring people off the street and into services in our communities.

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Ways that Californians can help every day:

  • Treat the people you see with respect. Feeling invisible and unwanted is common. Acknowledge their existence with a greeting. If you see them regularly, get to know them. Ask if they need resources.
  • Consider making and keeping small hygiene kits with water and socks handy in your car or bag. Staying hydrated is vital and socks are the number one most requested item.
  • Familiarize yourself with your area’s resources and pass the information along to those experiencing homelessness.
  • Find an organization that speaks to you, and invest in it – be it money, time, or skills.

NOTE: We recognize that this is not a comprehensive listing of opportunities. If you know of additional opportunities or suggestions please send them to: info@cv.ca.gov