The Economic Impact of Service Is Real

The contribution of your time and effort is having a real economic impact. Voices for National Service just released a 2020 study proving that every dollar Congress appropriates for AmeriCorps returns more than $17 to society, program members and the government.


This is what we have accomplished to-date with those service dollars in our response to COVID-19.

Quantiying AmeriCorps State COVID-19 Response in California

AmeriCorps State Members from 33 programs were redirected to support COVID-19 response activities throughout 33 counties. Essential services provided by AmeriCorps members included:

  • distance learning
  • recruiting and managing volunteers to help meet surge capacity needs at local organizations
  • conducting wellness checks/calls
  • preparing, processing and distributing meals

AmeriCorps activities resulted in supporting over 77 community-based organizations, 12 local government agencies, 53 K-12 schools/districts and four colleges.

Key areas of contribution

  • 48,354 service hours contributed
  • 495,981 individuals served
  • 1,843,516 meals processed / distributed
  • 40,208 wellness checks / calls conducted
  • 8,862 volunteers recruited / managed

Special thanks

On behalf of the Governor’s Office, California Volunteers, and Californians For All, we thank all of the California Volunteers AmeriCorps program members that stepped up in service to address the many impacts of COVID-19 in California. You accomplished so much and there is much more to do.