April 19, 2024

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California Volunteers and Mayor Mahan Announce Bay Area Recruitment for Nation’s Largest Service Force

California Volunteers, Office of the Governor is now recruiting nearly 2,000 paid California Service Corps Members in the Bay Area to help their community while tackling the state’s most pressing issues, gaining economic opportunities and shaping the future of the region’s workforce.

San José, Calif. – Today, California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday and San José Mayor Matt Mahan announced the recruitment of nearly 2,000 service members in the Bay Area for the California Service Corps. This program offers a unique opportunity for individuals to gain meaningful work experience while making a positive impact in their communities and earning a paycheck. 

“As Californians, the spirit of service and giving back is in our DNA – it’s why we have the largest service corps in the nation, bigger than the Peace Corps and a model for other states,” said Governor Gavin Newsom. “In the coming year, 10,000 service corps members will devote nearly five million hours to our communities as we work to build a California for all.”  

Over the coming year, California Service Corps programs will be over 10,000 strong and members will serve nearly five million hours. Service members help communities by taking climate action, tutoring and mentoring students to help them succeed, supporting communities impacted by disasters, working to end hunger and connecting vulnerable people to vital resources and services.   

California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday, San José Mayor Matt Mahan and California Service Corps members gather to announce recruitment for 2,000 Bay Area paid service positions.

“These are California’s future leaders, and we need their passion, energy and enthusiasm to address our greatest challenges,” said California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday. “These programs pave pathways for prosperity, propel progress on our most pressing issues, and promote unity to help unravel the crisis of social isolation and division.”   

California Service Corps is administered by California Volunteers, Office of the Governor and consists of four paid service programs: #CaliforniansForAll College Corps, California Climate Action Corps, #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps and AmeriCorps California. Combined, it is a force larger than the Peace Corps and will be mobilized at a time when California is addressing the climate crisis, post-pandemic academic recovery and shaping the future of the state’s workforce. 

“We’re experiencing a service revolution here in San José and that’s in no small part thanks to California Volunteers providing opportunities for our young people to get civically engaged, earn a paycheck and take charge of the look and feel of their city,” said San José Mayor Matt Mahan. “Youth Jobs Corps programs prepare our kids for the world ahead, show them the importance of giving back and empower our community to help make San José a better place for everyone.”

San José Mayor Matt Mahan, left, California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday and a California Service Corps Member remove invasive species at a San Josè park during a service project.

California Service Corps members gain skills and experience while connecting with others and making a positive difference. Service experiences also foster a positive sense of connection and belonging, an answer to the loneliness crisis – as defined by the U.S. Surgeon General.  

“The Silicon Valley is the heart of innovation and creative solutions – and our communities know the value of giving back – so I am excited for the hundreds of local California Service Corps positions being recruited for by California Volunteers to tutor students, combat climate change, and support our most vulnerable,” said Assemblymember Evan Low. “I encourage young people and others seeking paid work experience with a drive to give back to our community to check out California Service Corps and apply.” 

“Service to one’s community has the potential to profoundly shape a person’s life for the better. From addressing climate change, to helping kids succeed, to working to end hunger, California Service Corps offers many meaningful opportunities for Californians to gain unique work experience while helping their communities,” said Assemblymember Marc Berman. “Importantly, these are paid positions which means that Californians from all backgrounds can take advantage of these opportunities. I applaud the California Service Corps for bringing recruitment to the South Bay so that residents of our community have an opportunity to apply.”  

“I am proud to represent Santa Clara County because the people here are compassionate and dedicated to uplifting vulnerable community members. That is why I am excited to see the California Service Corps here in the South Bay to promote their programs which fulfill this same goal,” said Senator Dave Cortese.“This is a fantastic opportunity to connect passionate individuals with a program that will empower them to make a positive impact in the lives of fellow Californians.”

“California Service Corps is a catalyst for change, fostering empathy, and building bridges of opportunity,” said Senator Aisha Wahab. “Community service is critical to creating safe, healthy and resilient communities. This exceptional program empowers individuals to actively engage and uplift their communities, forging a brighter future for all.”   

“I feel as if I have been blessed with so many opportunities to empower myself because of the Corps. Moving forward I want to repay that support to my community,” said William Ortiz Santana, #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps Member. 

“Being a part of California Climate Action Corps has been an opportunity for me to start a new career path while giving back to my community and getting to develop myself as a person,” said Pedro Lopez, California Climate Action Corps Fellow. 

Those interested in finding a paid service opportunity can learn more and apply at    

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