College Corps could be the model for higher education America desperately needs

By Gavin Newsom, Governor of California
November 12, 2022 – USA Today

Today, our country appears more divided than ever. College Corps is an antidote to this crisis of isolation, a down payment on the reconstruction of our society and the preservation of our democracy.

Recently, I had the privilege to swear in the first ever College Corps fellows, a legion of more than 3,000 students spread across nearly 50 college and university campuses who have committed to supplement their studies with community service.

In exchange for their service, California is offering $10,000 per school year to help each of them pursue a debt-free education. For those from families with modest incomes, it is enough to meet the personal financial obligation expected of Pell Grant recipients, a financial gap most often closed by student loans.

College Corps is more than just another government program. With these new fellows, California’s service corps is expected to be larger than the U.S. Peace Corps in four years.

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