Long Beach Area Residents Invited to Apply for Nation’s Largest Service Force

California is now recruiting hundreds of paid California Service Corps Members in the Long Beach area to help their community while tackling the state’s most pressing issues, gaining economic opportunities and shaping the future of the region’s workforce.

Long Beach, Calif. – Today, California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday and Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson announced recruitment for hundreds of service members in the Long Beach area to join the California Service Corps. Members gain meaningful work experience while helping their communities and earning money.   

Over the coming year, California Service Corps programs will be over 10,000 strong and members will serve nearly five million hours. Service members help communities by taking climate action, tutoring and mentoring students to help them succeed, supporting communities impacted by disasters, working to end hunger and connecting vulnerable people to vital resources and services.   

“As Californians, the spirit of service and giving back is in our DNA – it’s why we have the largest service corps in the nation, bigger than the Peace Corps and a model for other states,” said Governor Gavin Newsom. “In the coming year, 10,000 service corps members will devote nearly five million hours to our communities as we work to build a California for all.”  

California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday, Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson, Long Beach officials, and California Service Corps Members gather to announce recruitment efforts in Long Beach for California Service Corps.

California Service Corps is administered by California Volunteers, Office of the Governor and consists of four paid service programs: #CaliforniansForAll College Corps, California Climate Action Corps, #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps and AmeriCorps California. Combined, it is a force larger than the Peace Corps and will be mobilized at a time when California is addressing the climate crisis, post-pandemic academic recovery and shaping the future of the state’s workforce.

“These are California’s future leaders, and we need their passion, energy and enthusiasm to address our greatest challenges,” said California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday. “These programs pave pathways for prosperity, propel progress on our most pressing issues, and promote unity to help unravel the crisis of social isolation and division.”  

California Service Corps members gain skills and experience while connecting with others and making a positive difference. Service experiences also foster a positive sense of connection and belonging, an answer to the loneliness crisis – as defined by the U.S. Surgeon General.  

“Long Beach is proud to work hand in hand with California Volunteers to launch this recruitment drive,” said Mayor Rex Richardson. “This initiative is more than just service; it’s a commitment to our youth, our environment, and our most vulnerable populations. By working collectively and with compassion, our hundreds of service members are not only addressing immediate needs but also fostering a legacy of community, resilience, and opportunity. Together, we’re building a stronger, more united Long Beach.” 

The City of Long Beach partners with California Volunteers, Office of the Governor on its Public Service Corps, which places service members in various city departments, the city council and mayor’s offices. Service members participate in a series of professional development workshops, trainings, and site visits to gain experience and skills, while networking with city leaders and staff. 

California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday, Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson, along with California Service Corps Members Crystal Vega, Cassandra Perez, and Sami Duzy join forces to announce recruitment efforts in Long Beach for California Service Corps.

“I encourage the residents of Long Beach to consider participating in this exceptional opportunity to help our communities through the most pressing challenges of today, such as combating climate change and enhancing disaster preparedness and recovery,” said Senate Majority Leader Lena Gonzalez. “The opportunities available through our state’s robust California Service Corps are invaluable, from aiding student success through mentorship to combating hunger and linking vulnerable individuals to essential resources and services. I have full confidence in the generosity and talent of our community, and I eagerly anticipate witnessing the remarkable contributions that our dedicated Long Beach volunteers will undoubtedly accomplish.” 

“The California Service Corps is a rewarding way to make money and make a difference. Helping our neighbors and fellow Californians while working to solve our state’s biggest challenges is truly a higher calling. I encourage everyone to explore this important work being done and see how they can join the Corps’ mission,” said Senator Steven Bradford. 

“I’m excited to partner with Governor Newsom and California Volunteers in this call for service,” said Assemblymember Josh Lowenthal. “There is no greater feeling than giving back and there is no better place to do it then right here in Long Beach.”

Those interested in finding a paid service opportunity can learn more and apply at   

INTERVIEWS AVAILABLE IN SPANISH AND ENGLISH: California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday. Contact California Volunteers: Joyia Emard,, (279) 220-3530.  



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