California Volunteers needs your help to #VaccinateAll58.

You can step up to serve your community by signing up to volunteer at vaccine distribution site and take individual outreach actions to help accelerate the administration of vaccines.
For Volunteers: Individual Actions and Volunteer OpportunitiesFor Clinics: Receive Support

About My Turn – Volunteer

My Turn – Volunteer is a statewide volunteer initiative to help accelerate the administration of vaccines by assisting in vaccinations and supporting on-site operations at vaccine sites. California Volunteers needs you to share the facts and reach out to your neighbors so we can #VaccinateAll58. You can step up to serve your community by signing up to volunteer at a vaccine distribution site and take individual outreach actions to help your local community.

Volunteer Testimonials

“When patients come into the clinic with a lot of anxiety, whether it be from a fear of needles or the unknowns of the vaccine, we spend extra time trying to make them feel comfortable. When administration has been completed, patients are always grateful. This is what makes it all worthwhile.” — Jen H, FNP-C 

“The volunteers we received through My Turn- Volunteer were absolutely fabulous they did a wonderful job and were a huge help. It was a lot of fun and I think that they got a lot of value add out of it as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you for really helping us out and getting us folks and getting people signed up.” — Golden Gate Pharmacy in Novato

“I chose to volunteer with TruCheck Health because I wanted to experience public health from a frontline perspective. The team here is phenomenal and I’ve gained a lot of hands-on clinical experience while making a difference in the Covid-19 efforts. I hope that patients here can see the care and dedication that the staff put into ending the Covid-19 pandemic and do their part by getting vaccinated”.  — Nicholas Au

“Our vaccination was a drive thru site outdoors behind in the back parking lot behind the shopping center. This day was relatively warm because it was getting closer to summer. We had two very sweet patients who came for their second dose vaccination. I quickly recognized them because I did their first vaccines. They bought all our staff In-N-Out gift cards so we can buy lunch. They were extremely grateful for making their vaccination process quick, easy, and comforting. “  — Era B. Medical Assistant  

Actions You Can Take from Home

In addition to volunteering at vaccination sites, we need your help to share the facts and help your neighbors. Accurate, scientifically-based information is critical towards ending the pandemic. Help keep your community safe by sharing the facts about COVID-19 and the vaccine. 

Share Online

Use graphics and sample social media posts from the toolkits and share with your faith-based organization, neighborhood association, reading group, or school group you are a member of.

Meaningful Connections

Connect with your neighbors 1-on-1 to share information about COVID-19 and the vaccine.

Ask an Expert / Be an Expert

Invite a local medical professional to join you at a neighborhood zoom or outdoor block gathering to answer questions about the vaccine. If you are a medical professional, you can offer to be the expert at your next neighborhood gathering.

Help a Neighbor

Offer to help schedule neighbors who are eligible to make a vaccine appointment at or drive them to the vaccination site.

Use Your Creativity

Post a weekly video about the importance of vaccines, healthcare, and taking care of your neighbors during the pandemic in fun and creative ways.

Video Conferences

Create or use an existing toolkit image as your background on video conference calls to help share useful information.

For Families

Create informational fliers, messages of goodwill, and fact sheets and post them around your neighborhood.

For Educators

Ask students to select a toolkit and have them implement a social media campaign for their peers, family, and neighbors. For younger students, ask for their interpretation of a toolkit message or fact and regear it towards youth that uses child-friendly language.

Tag Your Fliers

Tag your fliers with #VaccinateAll58 to lend your actions to a growing movement of Californians, medical communities, government workers, and private sector workers that have come together to accelerate the administration of vaccines.

Below are toolkits with materials, videos, posters, and graphics for your use.

Volunteer Hub Spotlight

The Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz has been engaging volunteers at the local, state and national level for over 50 years. The Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz is committed to the #CaliforniansForAll effort to rapidly build capacity for high quality engagement of skilled and community volunteers in ensuring that every Californian has access to the vaccine.  

L.A. Works Logo

LA Works is the largest and longest-running volunteer action center in Los Angeles. Since its founding in 1991, LA Works has empowered Angelenos to take action that impacts pressing community issues through volunteerism. LA Works is using their experience in order to recruit and vet volunteers to assist with vaccination administration throughout LA county.  

OneOC has served Orange County as the region’s nonprofit accelerator for more than 60 years. OneOC has extensive experience in volunteer management, disaster response, training, and partnership management.