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Unprecedented times require extraordinary response. Join the team helping to keep Californians fed.

Developed by Governor Newsom, Operation Feed California is a groundbreaking collaboration between state agencies and non-profits to feed millions of vulnerable Californians during the pandemic.

Operation Feed California has created a statewide volunteer system to stabilize food bank operations in 27 counties.

Our Impact

Volunteer Shifts Filled

Meals Served

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Volunteer Shifts Filled

Meals Served

Volunteer Hours

More than 1 in 5 California households don’t know when or where the next meal is coming from. You can help.

Food bank demand is up and recent volunteer shortages are impacting food banks across the state. With volunteers like you, we can keep millions of vulnerable Californians fed.

“I feel very passionate about helping the community meet their basic needs, and I realized that food justice is a top priority.”

Adam Wurtz, Alameda County Community Food Bank Volunteer

“There are concerns about volunteering during the pandemic … the food bank has put a lot of precautions in place. It has made for a safe environment, and I feel very comfortable volunteering.”

Colleen Moore, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services Volunteer

“Our food bank would not be able to face the challenge of feeding our most vulnerable communities without the support of our volunteers.”

Eli Beltran, L.A. Food Bank Volunteer Service Manager

The Operation Feed California Team

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