Recruit a Fellow

California Volunteers’ California Climate Action Corps Fellowship program leverages the power of AmeriCorps to advance climate actions that engage community members, cultivate change, and leave a lasting impact. 

The program connects organizations and agencies with talented, motivated emerging leaders to move the needle on climate change in communities throughout the state. If you need help for your frontline climate work and are passionate about mentoring, we want to hear from you!

About the Fellowship Program

California Climate Action Corps Fellows are AmeriCorps Members who serve with Host Partners in a full-time capacity for either an 11-month (1700-hour) or two-month (300-hour) summer term. For more information about AmeriCorps, visit

Public agencies, Tribes, nonprofit organizations, and schools can apply to host Fellows. The service projects Fellows complete during their term should include a combination of the following elements:

  • Significant community engagement and volunteerism components that provide community members a way to take action on climate change issues.
  • Defined and measurable climate pollution reduction mitigation, adaptation, or resiliency activities in the focus areas of urban greening, organic waste and edible food recovery, and wildfire resiliency.
  • Solutions to a community’s unique environmental or public health vulnerabilities that help address disparities while promoting social and environmental justice.

California Volunteers partners with a grantee organization to implement the California Climate Action Corps Fellowship. As implementing partner, the grantee manages the recruitment and placement process, supports Fellows and Host Partners throughout the term, and coordinates professional development activities for Fellows. California Volunteers is proud to partner with Bay Area Community Resources as implementing grantee, and their partners Strategic Energy Innovations and The Energy Coalition, for the 2021-22 Fellowship.

I want my work to make a difference. Climate change is the biggest threat to my generation, and as a member of the California Climate Action Corps, I have a voice in the fight towards climate resiliency and justice.

Alice Bruemmer

City of Watsonville

2021-Pilot and Summer Terms

In 2021, more than 260 fellows completed terms of service between a 7.5-month pilot cohort that launched in January and a two-month summer cohort that launched in June. These emerging climate leaders supported dozens of host partners throughout the state on volunteer engagement, climate action, and climate education service projects.

2021-22 Term

In November 2021, an 11-month program launched to place 50 full-time Fellows with 28 Host Partners, principally in five target cities (Fresno, Stockton, San Jose, Redlands, and Los Angeles) and other areas of the state. Fellows are focusing on engaging the community in climate action, assessment, and education projects around urban greening, edible food recovery, and wildfire prevention.

2022-23 Term

In September, an 11-month program will place approximately 115 full-time Fellows with Host Partners throughout the state, principally in the target regions of Butte and surrounding north state counties, Oakland, San Jose, Fresno/Central Valley, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Diego, and tribal communities. Fellows will engage community volunteers and support climate action, education, and assessment service projects focused on urban greening, organic waste and edible food recovery, and wildfire resiliency. Click here to learn more.

***The Host Partner application is currently closed.