Worried about tuition next year? Try the CA College Corps

By Margaret Hetherwick | Examiner Staff Writer, Updated Feb 9, 2023

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Earning a bachelor’s degree has increasingly become a surefire pathway toward employment for American youth — but not without financial drawbacks like student loans, which can follow graduates for decades.

Governor Gavin Newsom has begun a program for low-income college students that helps pave the rocky road to graduation.

The California College Corps, lauded by Newsom as the accomplishment he is “more proud of than anything (he’s) been involved in”, offers $10,000 in state grants to low-income college students in exchange for community service work.

The program is two years long and will enroll up to 6,500 students in local volunteer opportunities, primarily focused on climate action, K-12 education, and COVID-19 recovery, according to California Volunteers. Each student who completes a year in the Corps, a total of 450 hours, will receive $10,000 for tuition and school costs.

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