National Service Criminal History Checks (NSCHC)

AmeriCorps has strict requirements around conducting and documenting background checks

In order to protect your program and those you serve, you’ll want to be sure this is done correctly and on time. There are two REQUIRED providers (vendors) that conduct the checks for you – Truescreen and Fieldprint, however your AmeriCorps Program staff still play a key role in completing and documenting the checks process.

Timing is critical – all checks must be completed at least ONE DAY before any time is accrued by staff or AmeriCorps members. For AmeriCorps members, this includes before Orientation. If you’re a new program, you’ll want to begin this right away – starting with setting up accounts with Truescreen & Fieldprint.  Everything you need to get started can be found below.

National Service Criminal History Checks Training

All programs are required to have at least one staff (but we recommend more!) be properly trained on this critical topic. One training is on NSCHC in general and the other is specific to California Volunteers and includes information on using True Screen & Fieldprint to conduct the checks.

AmeriCorps’ NSCHC – Annual Required Training

AmeriCorps has a required annual online training on this topic – start with this training. It ends with a quiz and you will gain a certificate that must be retained. At least one program staff must take this course each year, and re-take it annually before the most current certificate expires. Their training was updated in May 2021 to align with new regulations, so please be sure to take this updated version.

If this is your first time using their learning platform, here’s how to gain access: Visit  Enter the required information. In the Code field, enter: CNCS-Litmos. Click “Register.” Look out for the account confirmation email. Once you are in the link above should work. You can also search ‘NSCHC’ and look for the NSCHC Required Annual e-Course.

California Volunteers’ Required Training

National Service Criminal History Checks (NSCHC): Using Truescreen & Fieldprint 

Programs must have at least one staff watch the California Volunteers training and take the quiz as part of the Program Readiness process.

NSCHC Supporting Resources and Guidance


National Service Criminal History Checks

This is a critical aspect of AmeriCorps program requirements for both operating and planning grantees. It is also a common area of cost disallowance, which is preventable. Be sure you’re aware of all requirements by watching the trainings and reviewing these resources. We suggest bookmarking this page.