2019 California For All AmeriCorps Funding Opportunity


Published: August 6, 2019
Notice of Intent to Apply Due Date: September 19, 2019
Application Due Date: October 2, 2019
CFDA Number: 94.006
Contact Information: Funding@cv.ca.gov
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Grant Description

The 2019 California For All AmeriCorps Funding Opportunity provides state and federal funds to engage AmeriCorps Fellows in intensive results-driven community service to help tackle critical state and local problems in the following San Joaquin Valley counties: San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Merced, Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, and Kern. 

To help realize Governor Newsom’s vision and commitment to build a California For All, the 2019-20 California State Budget includes $20 million to support both the expansion of AmeriCorps service into the San Joaquin Valley and an augment to the education award for full-time Fellows completing a minimum of 1700 service hours in one program year. The San Joaquin Valley has been selected as the target region for this funding opportunity based on meeting the criteria of being the economic region with the highest need and lowest AmeriCorps footprint in the state. This opportunity provides substantial state and federal funds to support AmeriCorps programming with some cost-share from successful applicants and their community partners.

AmeriCorps is a national service program that provides full-time or part-time service opportunities for Americans to address critical community needs. An AmeriCorps service year is organized to have an important community impact while making a lasting difference in the lives of those who serve. Program service activities are delivered by eligible citizens serving as AmeriCorps Fellows who are recruited by grantees and their community partners. Fellows may receive a living allowance and other benefits while serving. Upon successful completion of their service, Fellows earn an AmeriCorps Education Award that they can use to pay for higher education expenses or apply to qualified student loans. For this funding opportunity, full-time Fellows who successfully complete a minimum of 1700 service hours will receive both a federal Segal AmeriCorps Education Award and a California For All Education Award for a combined value of $10,000.

Eligible Applicants

Nonprofit organizations and state and local government agencies proposing to operate in the targeted San Joaquin Valley counties (Fresno, Kings, Kern, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Tulare) are eligible to apply. All applicants must have active registration with the System for Award Management (SAM) at to www.SAM.gov.

Estimated Funds Available

This opportunity includes approximately $14 million in both state and federal dollars that have been appropriated for the Fiscal Year 2019-2020. Applicants may apply for up to $27,920 per one Full-time (FT or 1700 hours) service position requested or an equivalent number of part-time service positions. Grant size vary depending upon the number of full-time equivalent service positions requested by an applicant (i.e. $558,000 to support a minimum of 20 full-time service positions).

Allowable Expenses

Grants pay for AmeriCorps Fellow living allowances and benefits, training, staff costs, operating costs, evaluation, and administration and cannot be used for general organizational operating expenses. AmeriCorps Fellows or grant funds can help meet unmet needs or can expand an organization’s ability to better address community needs, but cannot be used to duplicate, displace or supplant resources that already exist in a community.

Notice of Intent

Applicants are required to submit a Notice of Intent to Apply for this competition. Notices of Intent to Apply should be completed by Thursday, September 19, 2019. You can access to Notice of Intent to Apply here.

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications to the 2019 California For All AmeriCorps Funding Opportunity is Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Both the electronic submission and complete hardcopy application must be received by this deadline. The required electronic submission must be sent via email to Funding@cv.ca.gov. The hardcopy application can be mailed or hand-delivered to the following address:

ATTN: California For All AmeriCorps 2019
1400 10th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions received by email or on the Technical Assistance Webinars will be collected and answered on a weekly Frequently Asked Questions document, found below.

Technical Assistance Information

Technical Assistance Opportunities

Below are opportunities for technical assistance in completing this application. Click here to be notified when this page is updated in the event that the schedule has changed or new opportunities have been added.

In-Person Opportunities

Program Design Workshop
This one-day gathering will address critical aspects of AmeriCorps program design and implementation. Though not required, attendance is highly recommended. Participants should be sure to attend the webinars to be prepared for the workshop. Location to be determined based on attendee registration.

  • Thursday, September 5th 10am-5pm
    Merced County Office of Emergency Services
    3500 N Apron Avenue, Atwater, CA 95301
    Register Here


Webinar Series

AmeriCorps State Funding Opportunity Overview
For an overview of the 2019 AmeriCorps State Funding Opportunity, AmeriCorps grants, the application process and requirements, or other general questions about AmeriCorps and the grant competition.


AmeriCorps Program Management and Design
For questions including appropriate AmeriCorps member service activities, staffing for the program, grantee responsibilities, or any other question related to program design or program management.


Performance Measurement
For guidance about how to create high-quality performance measures that align with an applicant’s program design and meet AmeriCorps requirements.


AmeriCorps Funding Opportunity Selection Criteria
For questions about the AmeriCorps grant application selection criteria, grant review process, or any other questions that need to be addressed in order to complete your application.


AmeriCorps Budget Development
For guidance about how to create a compliant grant budget for an AmeriCorps program. Participants are encouraged to review the “Developing and Managing Your Budget” and “Preparing the Grant Budget for AmeriCorps Programs” online courses before the webinar.