Managing Your AmeriCorps Program

AmeriCorps is a wonderful, but complex grant, combining both national service members (people) and funding (federal dollars) to allow for strong program development. It requires careful planning, awareness of federal requirements, and devoted staffing & partners to implement well. California Volunteers wants to work with you to create a successful program.

The resources below include training presentations, checklists, templates and samples from currently operating AmeriCorps programs. We do our best to ensure they are up to date, but welcome your feedback if you see something that needs updating or wish to contribute a resource of your own!

Also, as part of our annual contracting process, programs submit evidence of readiness found on our Program Readiness Checklist. You should be able to find all the resources needed to assist in the development of each component through links in the checklist and in the folders below. Our Readiness Bootcamp presentations cover all the core areas of program management found below and can be used to train AmeriCorps members, program staff and placement site partners.

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) also maintains an AmeriCorps website with resources and important regulations and updates. Many of these are in our folders below, but you should regularly check CNCS’ webpage as well.

Member Recruitment

americorps sign

Find resources needed to build your Corps

Member Onboarding

americorps volunteers

Establishing eligibility to serve, enrollment, pre-service orientation and more

Criminal History Checkskeyboard and mug

Safeguarding your program includes very specific required checks on staff & members

Member Management

girl with backpack

From member development to performance improvement plans –resources to support your members well

Member Benefits

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Living allowance, Segal Education Award, loan deferral, healthcare, childcare and more

Member Training 

Member Training is an important part of AmeriCorps! Check here for training resources and sample plans.


Site & Partner Management

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Your partners are key to program success – find resources for building strong partnership here

Showing Your Impact

fact sheet

Resources for measuring and reporting your impact

Fiscal Management

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Careful fiscal management of your program is critical. Check here for helpful resources.

Additional Resources

city year volunteers

Check here for additional resources

CV Monitoring


The forms and checklists we use for our reviews and monitoring processes can help ensure you’re prepared.


Rules & Regulations

compliance diagram

AmeriCorps has strict accountability. Know what’s required.