Onboarding AmeriCorps Members

Onboarding your AmeriCorps members includes a number of important steps. This includes completing National Service Criminal History Checks (NSCHC) and Enrollment into your AmeriCorps program through the eGrants system.  Both are covered below and include required trainings and a quiz to be sure you have the knowledge needed to manage these processes correctly. You’ll want to start both processes months or weeks ahead of member Orientation. Be sure to use our Member Onboarding Checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything! 

National Service Criminal History Checks

AmeriCorps has strict requirements around conducting and documenting background checks. In order to protect your program and those you serve, you’ll want to be sure this is done correctly and on time. There are two REQUIRED vendors that conduct the checks for you – Truescreen and Fieldprint.

Timing is critical – all checks must be completed before any time is accrued by staff or AmeriCorps members.  If you’re a new program, you’ll want to begin this right away – starting with setting up accounts with Truescreen & Fieldprint.  Everything you need to get started is covered in the CV NSCHC Guide and in the resources below.

National Service Criminal History Checks Training

All programs are required to have at least one staff (but we recommend more!) be properly trained on this critical topic. One training is on NSCHC in general and the other is specific to California Volunteers and includes information on using the two required vendors.

CNCS NSCHC Annual Required Training

Programs must have one staff watch the training annually. It ends with a quiz and you will gain a certificate that must be retained. The CNCS designated e-course provides a thorough overview of the requirements and can be found at: https://www.nationalservice.gov/reqCHCtraining. Please use the link https://cncsonlinecourses.litmos.com/self-signup and code CNCS-Litmos to set up your Litmos account.

CV NSCHC Using Truescreen & Fieldprint Training

Programs must have at least one staff watch the California Volunteers training and take the quiz as part of the Program Readiness process.

After watching the video, take the quiz below. Be sure to click the button at the end to see your score!

  • Click here to take the quiz. Please let your Program Officer know when you’ve completed it. 
  • We also highly recommend watching CNCS’ Check Your Check (20 mins) for ensuring compliant Truescreen & Fieldprint checks. It contains helpful tips and common errors. Since living allowance (members) or salary (staff) can be disallowed for the entire period of noncompliance, we want to be sure you get these right. 

NSCHC Supporting Resources and Guidance

AmeriCorps Member Enrollment in eGrants

An important part of member onboarding is enrolling them in your program through the My AmeriCorps portal (also known as eGrants). This involves several steps and should be started weeks or months ahead – finishing with the last step of enrollment during Pre-Service Orientation week. All programs must have at least one staff take this training and the quiz that follows as part of Program Readiness.

For new programs or new staff we recommend the full enrollment training: Enrolling Members in eGrants – Full Training

For staff more familiar with the process, here is an abbreviated version:

After watching the video, take the quiz below. Be sure to click the button at the end to see your score!