California Volunteers AmeriCorps Training Webinars

This includes all required monthly webinars, which occur on the 3rd Thursday at 10am. The full calendar of trainings including special offerings for Planning Grants and our Grants webinar series can be obtained through your Program Officer.  

Monthly Training Calls Required for all operating programsAudience: All programs
Planning Grants are encouraged to join as well
New Programs are invited to stay up to 30 mins. after the call for an extended Q &A session
Topic Learning Objectives

Participants will gain an understanding of:

Welcome to Program Year!

August 15
10 – 11am
• Key areas of member onboarding
• Enrollment in eGrants best practice and tips
• The importance of emergency preparedness and member safety planning
• Eligibility reminders
• Member safety and Emergency Preparedness Planning (COOP)
Setting Up Partners for Success

September 19
10 – 11am
• The importance of partner placements sites on all aspects of program success
• Monitoring and oversight requirements
• The importance of communication and feedback
• Tools & best practice
Member Engagement and Retention

October 17
10 – 11am
• CNCS Requirements for retention of members
• The importance of member training including creativity and reflection
• Understanding the member engagement cycle and planning for lows to boost morale
• The importance of member feedback
National Service Criminal History training walk- thru

November 21
10 – 11am
• CNCS National Service Criminal History Checks requirements
• Variances with CV NSCHC policy
• True Screen & Fieldprint as the only CV-approved process as of Jan. 1, 2020
We’ll jointly watch the required CNCS NSCHC course and point out variances with CV policy. Participants may take the certification test after.
Data Collection Tips & Tricks

December 19
• Consistent data collection is essential for progress reporting and setting your program up to build evidence
• The importance of ensuring instruments are capturing what’s needed
• Best practice and tips
Member Support & Retention

January 16
10 – 11am
• Critical aspects of member support to ensure retention of members and a positive service experience.
• Anticipating ad addressing the winter slump
• Field examples of creative ways to provide support
What’s working, what’s not, and what can be adjusted?!

February 20
10 – 11am
• This is the time to be reviewing program implementation
• Data review as an indicator
• The importance of gathering stakeholder feedback
• Considering adjustments and discussing those with CV
• Acceptable changes in the grants Continuation Application process.
• Examples of program adjustments
Fiscal Refresher

March 19
10 – 11am
• Key areas of budgeting and compliance
• Federal requirements
• The importance of proper documentation
Handling Staff Changes

April 16
10 – 11am
• Staff turnover is a normal occurrence and a common area of problems
• The importance of ensuring systems and information is transferrable
• Key areas critical to knowledge transfer and tools for planning
Building Evidence for Evaluation

May 21
10 – 11am
• Evaluation is key to demonstrating program effectiveness and to continuous improvement
• Identify important areas of evaluation planning & implementation
• CNCS requirements and the evidence continuum
Exiting Members – Celebration of Impact

June 18
10 – 11am
Recognizing the important impact of your members and your role in their success – let’s celebrate that together! Webinar
[R] CNCS Enrollment UpdateAugust 16 10-11am
As we continue to learn the realities of the new CNCS enrollment system, we want to share the latest with you! Please invite those who do your member enrollment to join the call. A short survey will launch at the end of the webinar -- please take a minute to complete it to inform our TTA Planning for 18-19!
[R] Onboarding Members
September 20 10-11am
Welcome to the new program year! We'll look at the program timeline, have a short CHC overview and enrollment re-cap, CV updates and more.
[G] AmeriCorps State Funding Opportunity Overview October 3 1-2pm
An overview of the 2019 AmeriCorps State Funding Opportunity.
[G] AmeriCorps State Funding Opportunity Selection Criteria October 10
Grant application selection criteria, grant review process, Q & A.
[G] AmeriCorps Program Management and DesignOctober 17
Appropriate member service activities, staffing, grantee responsibilities, Q& A related to program design or program management.
[R] Prohibited & Unallowable Activities October 18 10-11am
It’s campaign season – a great time to discuss prohibited activities! We’ll also discuss unallowable activities and how to prevent scope creep.
[G] Developing Performance Measure Worksheets October 24 1-2pm
How to create high-quality performance measures that align with program design and meet AmeriCorps requirements. Participants are encouraged to review the Overview of Performance Measurement and High Quality Performance Measures online courses before the webinar.
[O]201: Staying on Top of it All – Program Management Tools & Tips October 26 10-11am
Katie Brym with Super Stars Literacy will share a number of helpful, low-cost tools. We’ll look at how to maximize Google for member communication and how to build a member dashboard for resource-sharing and onboarding. Come ready to share your program management tips as well!
Hours Tracker Template
[G] AmeriCorps Budget Development October 31 1 – 2pm
How to create a compliant grant budget. Participants are encouraged to review the Developing and Managing Your Budget and Preparing the Grant Budget for AmeriCorps Programs online courses before the webinar.
[R] National Service Criminal History Checks November 15 10 – 11:30am
An overview of CV’s requirements, followed by a walk-thru of the CNCS mandatory Criminal History Checks (CHC) training. Please have the key staff person for this topic attend, as well as the Program Manager. You’ll be able to complete your annual certification. Note: this is a 90 minute call.
[O] Financial Monitoring and Tracking Budget to Actuals: CNCS webinar November 15 12 – 1:30pm PST [3pm EST]
This is an optional CNCS live webinar you may find helpful. It’s best to register ahead.
Access Link
[R] Leveraging Performance Measurement to Prepare for Future Evaluation: December 13 10 – 11am
(note 2nd Thurs.)

What are CNCS’ evaluation requirements? How can you leverage your performance measurement to prepare for later evaluation and planning?
[R] Supporting Members Who Struggle January 21 10 – 11 am
How can trauma-informed care be helpful in supporting your AmeriCorps members? And what about secondary trauma they may experience as they serve the community? We’ll also hear some creative ideas for member support from the field.
[O] AmeriCorps Advantage Facilitator’s Guide Training (Part 2) February. 14 – Sacramento February. 20 – Bay Area in SF February 27 – Long Beach February 28 – Santa Monica Feb. 14: 12 – 4pm Feb. 20: 12 – 4pm Feb. 27: 12 – 4pm Feb. 28: 9 – 1pm
Sign up for one of our four trainings in the region most convenient to you. This continuation of Andrea’s presentation on the AmeriCorps Advantage Facilitator’s Guide, will focus on the final chapters 5-7. You’ll leave prepared to facilitate activities and to provide career resources to members as they wrap up their term of service.

Feb. 14 – Sacramento: 12-4pm @ CAPC: 4700 Roseville Rd. North Highlands, CA 95660
Feb. 20 – Bay Area 12–4pm @ JusticeCorps 455 Golden Gate Ave, SF, CA 94102
Feb. 27 – Long Beach 12-4pm @ SafeCorps 3150 E. 29th St., Long Beach, CA 90806
Feb. 28 – Santa Monica 9-1pm @ SafeCorps 1450 11th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401
Please register using the survey monkey link sent on 1/22/19 or contact
[R] Using True Screen/Fieldprint for Criminal History Checks February 21 10 – 11am
The new CNCS-selected vendor offers new options. We’ll review the process and note important differences in what is considered compliant when using True Screen and Fieldprint compared to using the Cal DOJ. Our True Screen rep will present.
[O] AmeriCorps Advantage - Virtual Training for MembersMarch 12 9 – 1pm
This all-online, live training will focus on Chapter 5 of the AmeriCorps Advantage Career Resource Guide. Includes resume building, cover letter writing, and interview etiquette.

Andrea Weiss will facilitate the training virtually, in real-time. Programs will log on and participate with their members. Limited log-ins will be assigned to programs based on program size. Contact for details.
[R] Attracting & Retaining Members March 21 10 – 11am
From outreach to commitment letters, enrollment & beyond! We’ll hear ideas for keeping members engaged and committed throughout each phase. We’ll also touch on CV’s new Recruitment Toolkit, and discuss the 19/20 opportunity to have a member slot dedicated to recruitment capacity building.
Webinar Recording
[O] Data Collection Tips & TricksApril 5 10 – 11am
This is hosted by evaluation consultants leading CV’s Evaluation Assistance Project. They will cover critical parts of data collection – ensuring instruments capture what you need, setting up data files, aggregation, submittal challenges & gaining buy-in, data sharing agreements, training your collectors, and more.
[R] Fiscal Management April 18 10 – 11am
From documentation to staff timekeeping, our fiscal team will cover key areas of budgeting and compliance.
[O] Mental Health First Aid Training – NorCal AC Program Staff in-person training May 3 9 – 5 pm
Provided by Catholic Charities of the East Bay with funding from Kaiser Permanente Northern California, this special session is open to NorCal program staff. Member workshops are planned for next year – more info to come! Contact if interested.
[R] 201: Building Strong Evidence through EvaluationMay 16 10 – 11am
From planning and strong research questions, to implementation, analysis and reporting, evaluation is key to demonstrating program effectiveness and to continuous improvement
America’s Service Commissions Northwest Regional Conference – Boise, Idaho May 22 - 24 Optional attendance
Join CV staff and your peers at ASC’s regional conference. Designed for AmeriCorps State and National programs, you’ll find interesting workshops, plenary speakers and a chance to connect with the broader service network. Limited space – register early. Attendance is optional.
[R] Handling Staff Changes June 20 10 – 11am
Staff turnover happens! How to prepare for and handle transitions well.
[R] Boot Camp July 9 – 10 Day 1: 9 – 4pm
Day 2: 9 – 1pm
AmeriCorps is a wonderful, but complex grant, combining both national service members (people) and funding (federal dollars) to allow strong program development. It requires careful planning, awareness of federal requirements, and devoted staffing & partners. We’ll cover Strong Program Management, Fiscal Management 101, Criminal History Checks, Program Readiness and more. Required for all new programs and new staff.
[R] CV Grantee ConferenceJuly 11
Tentative date
9 – 4pm
Join with your Ameripeers as we share challenges and learnings, connect together, and hear exciting updates for AmeriCorps service in California. This one-day conference will inform, inspire and energize!